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Braves outfielder Michael Harris helping those affected by Jackson water crisis

Michael Harris II (Right) “I know I’m living a pretty good life right now, so I want everybody else to experience the same thing.”

Atlanta Braves outfielder Michael Harris II opened up his wallet to help the people of Jackson affected by the ongoing water crisis.

The 21 year old told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he considers the Mississippi capital a second home after spending a couple of months playing for Double-A affiliate, the Mississippi Braves.

"The people there, they just come out and support, treat you like their own," Harris told the newspaper. "There's really no hatred over there. It's just a good place. I didn't really have any problems there. I felt comfortable there."

According to the Journal-Constitution, Harris is donating $23,000 to help those affected by the crisis. The standout rookie said he hopes most of his money benefit's the city's youth "because they're probably the ones struggling the most."

For more than a week, thousands of Jackson residents had no running water in their sinks, showers, and toilets, largely due to a lack of water pressure. While water pressure was restored by midday Tuesday, the water is still unsafe to drink. State health officials advise citizens to continue to drink bottled water or to boil tap water for at least one full minute before drinking.

"Giving back is something I always wanted to do," Harris told the newspaper. "I saw they were struggling with something that's really important—water. You need water to pretty much do anything—stay clean, stay healthy."

Just last month, Harris signed an eight-year, $72 million contract extension with the Braves. He is also the front-runner for National League Rookie of the Year. Despite all that, the Georgia native is staying humble.

"It definitely means a lot because you never know what people are going through or how they're living in different areas," Harris told the Journal-Constitution. "I know I'm living a pretty good life right now, so I want everybody else to experience the same thing."

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